How to Make Pc Faster Windows 10

Are you drowning in a sea of slow pc experience? Can you see yourself optimizing your system for faster, better performance? Are not you looking for just the right software, tip, or trick to get away from the slow, dying pc issues?

Yamic Soft has solutions to increase your productivity and creativity with expert and upgraded write-up on how to make pc faster, Windows 10.

If you are a long-term user of Windows 10, you do know this operating system requires maintenance to run faster and better. But it is not the case for everyone using a system because if you click or change something essential in the system, you might be installing the whole OS again.

So, are you ready to experience the finest and risk-free solution to how to make a pc faster, Windows 10? Firstly, avoid downloading freeware software available over the internet, promising you optimization, cleaning, and security.

Note all information you would have would do any good. Further, make your pc faster while running Windows 10 with these tips:

Run Disk Cleanup Every Week

Don’t you clean a space when it clutters itself or your stuff make it a mess? Well, to make your pc faster, you must de-clutter your system. Windows has a built-in disk cleanup program tool: Disk Cleanup. Usually, it scans your OS for unnecessary files, residue program installers, temporary internet files, useless log files, and more.

When you run Disk Cleanup every week, it will decrease the load of space affecting files and provides faster performance. Two ways to open Disk Cleanup: Open run and enter the command: c:\windows\SYSTEM32\cleanmgr.exe or search Disk Cleanup in the search dialogue.

Turn Off Automatic Updates

Updates setting is one that always makes a system slow. You might don’t believe it, but if your system is getting slow after each update, and you are looking for how to make pc faster, Windows 10, you will know. It happens you are working on some critical job, and your system keeps telling you, it is time you update. The whole process is annoying and a slow system booster.

To disable automatic updates safely, go to settings, search for updates and there you will find the options to install updates after download manually.

If you don’t find any other option to make your pc faster, try to Delete Temporary Files. Open run, and go to three folders, one by one, Prefetch, Temp, and %temp%. Select all files and click shift delete and yes. You might experience faster processing speed afterwards.

Install Windows 10 Manager

Yamic Soft’s Windows 10 Manager is a one-stop solution for information, optimization, cleaning, security, network, and customization. Whether you are looking to tweak your system or create a restore point, this software will do how to make pc faster, Windows 10.

What does this mean for you in simple words? You will have a faster performing, de-cluttered, and quick-booting system ready to serve you.