Windows 7 Manager – What is New
The updated details


Windows 7 Manager v5.1.8 Released!
Fix bugs in Registry Cleaner
Perfect some functions

Windows 7 Manager v5.1.7 Released!
Add the support for UEFI BIOS in Boot Manager.
Add the feature that shutdown automatically after the schmem done in Super Copy.
Perfect some functions..

Windows 7 Manager v5.1.6 Released!
You can change watermark font in Bing Image downloader.
Fix the bugs in System Information.
Add the AutoDelayStart start mode in Service Manager..


Windows 7 Manager v5.1.5 Released!
Perfect the item names in Startup Manager.
Perfect the file and folder permission.


Windows 7 Manager v5.1.4 Released!
Add and perfect some functions.

Windows 7 Manager v5.1.2 Released!
Perfect some functions.
Add some features in WiFi Manager and System Information.

Windows 7 Manager v5.1.1 Released!
Add the write protection function for strorage devices in Security section.
Perfect the function in Pinned Manager.
Perfect some other functions..

Windows 7 Manager v5.1.0 Released!
Perfect some functions.
Fix some bugs.

Windows 7 Manager v5.0.9 Released!
Fix the link bug for freeing memory.
Fix the bug for shreding small file.
Add the query feature in Smart Uninstaller.
You can deny or block any Wi-Fi SSID.
Add the descirption for the downloaded bing image.
Perfect some features..


Windows 7 Manager v5.0.8 Released!
Fix the bug for "Adjust Processor Scheduling for Best Performance"
Perfect the code to accelerate loading and run program, and selecting or deselecting items.
Remove the CPU second level cache feature.
Perfect the function that change file type icon..


Windows 7 Manager v5.0.7 Released!
Add some tweaks.
You can add more commands to context menu.
Perfect some features.


Windows 7 Manager v5.0.6 Released!
Add some context menus in Context Menu Manager.
Fix some bugs.


Windows 7 Manager v5.0.5 Released!
Perfect some functions.
Fix the bug that cannot clean Office recent history.
Add the tweak that disable to drag from maximized windows.
Download Bing images automatically wait for the network connected.
You can set files and folders to readonly premission to prevent from being modified, executed and deleted.
Fix the bugs that the Fix Context Menu do not work..


Windows 7 Manager v5.0.4 Released!
Add the Bing Images in Visual Customizer, you can download the Bing images automatically
Perfect some functions and fix some bugs.